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EZTRIM Harvest Technology

Since the company was founded in 2010, EZTRIM has evolved from selling a single trimming machine to offering a full line of products and expert consultation that maximizes efficiency and profitability.

At the end of the day we know that saving time isn’t enough… the end product has to be of the highest quality. From the smallest home grower to the largest commercial operation, EZTRIM is the only company that gives you the control and adjustability needed to achieve that high level of quality regardless of strains or growing methods.

Our goal is to make harvesting easier, more efficient, more profitable, and in the end, more fun.



GGS Greenhouses

GGS has been manufacturing top quality greenhouses and providing turnkey growing solutions for commercial growers since 1979. We work with you to provide the perfect environment for consistent quality cannabis crops at maximum yield, from structures and marijuana grow tables to light deprivation and environmental controls. Our dedicated marijuana grow team can assist you in design, installation and complete project management of your marijuana greenhouse or cannabis indoor garden using advanced technology and over 35 years of experience.


GRS Cannabis Supplies

As the cannabis industry grows, so does it's need for innovative solutions.  This is where GRS Cannabis Supplies Inc shines.  We are excited to be launching two new products to help Cultivators and Dispensaries exceed expectations every day moving forward.




Using innovative and leading edge design together with high volume Asian sourcing & manufacturing, our products set the industry standard whilst remaining cost effective. Our commitment to product quality is achieved through well engineered product design together with the use of high specification components and maintaining tight control on production processes.

LogTag® products are used in a huge number of different applications including widespread use in food and pharmaceutical temperature and/or humidity monitoring for both storage and shipping. Our products are also used for education and research with products holding approvals with many world recognised organizations such as UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

Our commitment to continued research & development of new and existing products and software means investment in the LogTag® system is future proofed. LogTag Recorders support and research & development center is in Auckland, New Zealand. Production and Logistics is handled by LogTag Recorders Hong Kong.




Supermax Canada

Since the first day in business, we have been providing our customers with top-quality medical and dental products. Our mission remains to create the most extensive range of disposable gloves available on the Canadian market. Only products manufactured following the highest standards of quality and dependability will carry the Supermax name. We will succeed in this mission



Indoor Growing Canada

If you are just like us, you have probably invested a lot of time figuring out which products would be the best suited for your needs only to face multiple frustrations while shopping online : duties and customs, slow and costly shipping, shopping in U.S. Dollar (USD), complicated return policies and warranties due to service centers located in the U.S., etc.

We believe that shopping online should not be a painful experience for Canadian indoor growers.

Taking action to eliminate these frustrations was the reason why we have founded Indoor Growing Canada.


personalized for you. Start by selecting which symptoms you want to treat, then create a strain library of the strains you own. review and adjust based on your realtime data. Learn which strain types, thc + cbd levels, ingestion methods and
dose amounts work best for your symptoms.


CannaGx provides a general understanding on how your body processes cannabis once it enters your system, as well as the metabolism of endocannabioids (your body’s natural neural messengers). This is key in resolving several health matters, without experiencing uncomfortable side effects that may accompany the use of dangerous pain management medications.

Your personal report will direct you on how to:

  • Recognize treatments that will provide results utilizing the benefits found in cannabinoids and other non-psychoactive cannabis products
  • Assess your risk for certain sleep disorders and how to best combine safer alternatives found in cannabis
  • Manage anxiety and avoid developing paranoia
  • Avoid interactions with medications and herbal supplements

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