Do i need a referral? 


How much does an appointment cost? 

There will be a $124.99 charge for our telemedicine appointments.

how much does cannabis cost?

Strains vary in price. Most are available from $7-12/g of dried flower. Oils are a little more expensive for the equivalent amount. Some Licensed Producers have compassionate pricing for those who qualify. We provide cannabis education and direction for keeping your costs as low as possible. Our oil infusion class saves money and allows for more creative methods of ingestion.

cannabis is legalized, do i really need a prescription? 

Many medical strains may not be available in retail stores, due to demand and limited supply agreements in your province. More than half the Licensed Producers will not have available product in stores in Alberta, for example. Medical purchases of up to $2500 may also be claimed on income tax returns per year. Many municipalities have banned public consumption, but medical patients are often exempt. Prices may be lower for prescription cannabis, with some Licensed Producers covering the cost of the excise tax for patients. Licensed Producers have said they will prioritize medical patients over the retail market. As a medical patient you have access to to a physician that can account for drug interactions and unknown situations based on your current daily drug intake.

how do i purchase cannabis?

After your appointment, you will receive your prescription. A Shay's Roots education provider will go over your options, and send the required paperwork to the most suitable Licensed Producer. Patients will be able to purchase their prescribed amount every month. Recreational retailers are also available.


Once prescribed you may register as you own licensed producer to grow your prescribed amount. This amount is measured in grams per day. 1gram/day = 5 plants indoor allowed to be grown or 2 outdoor. So a prescription of 5 grams/day = 25 plants indoor or 10 outdoor allowed to be grown. This allotment would be above the legal limit of 4 plants already granted to every Canadian citizen.