PAX 3 Vaporizer

The Pax 3 makes a statement! It is true, efficient performance and slips right into your pocket with ease. The taste is so good that it more than keeps up with bulkier, convection models and the number of add-ons and functions that this amazing little portable vape can do will blow you away.



DaVinci is already highly reputable for their high quality vaporizers specifically designed for dry herbs, and they have done it again with the eagerly awaited DaVinci MIQRO. The MIQRO is a new dry herb vaporizer by DaVinci, it is 33% smaller than its predecessor, the IQ. The DaVinci MIQRO is designed to give you the best flavour from your dry herb. It has an all zirconium ceramic vapor path and mouthpiece which allows the user to draw the purest vapor you’ll ever taste in a vaporizer, ensuring you get the most out of your vaping experience.


Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer

Everyone loves to have a choice, but today it feels like everything is generic, mass-produced, and one-size-fits-all. You’re forced to have the same experience as everyone else. Wouldn’t you prefer to have something original and unique to you? Take control with the Grizzly Eclipse; the choice is the goal of this vaporizer from design to execution. Choose any material. Choose any vape experience. Anytime, you choose.

Crafty Vaporizer

The Solo is a fantastic, new handheld vaporizer featuring an astounding array of features that are sure to impress even the most jaded of vape user. Precise temperature control, a small lightweight design, a ceramic heating element and a long-lasting lithium battery make this one of the best vaporizers on the market place today.


Arizer Solo Vaporizer

The Solo is a fantastic, new handheld vaporizer featuring an astounding array of features that are sure to impress even the most jaded of vape user. Precise temperature control, a small lightweight design, a ceramic heating element and a long-lasting lithium battery make this one of the best vaporizers on the market place today.


Penguin Vaporizer

You can now have your own Penguin in your pocket! Well, sort of...

The Penguin vaporizer is an awesome new dry herb vaporizer on the market. It's short design not only keep it discreet and portable, it's also part of the reason it gets its name. Topped with the mouthpiece it has the likeness of an emperor penguin, only we think this is much cooler.


Shatterizer Concentrate Vaporizer

The Shatterizer Vaporizer is a powerful and versatile new concentrate vaporizer and you know Canada won't be the same again! For those of you who enjoy potent concentrates vaporized well, then look no further than the Shatterizer Vaporizer. The Shatterizer Vaporizer pen is certainly shattering expectations with the perfect, powerful concentrate clouds. The Shatterizer is engineered to conduct a truly smooth pull and exhale, releasing the fullest flavour and strongest hit through the borosilicate glass top piece.


Grav Labs Ionix - Black

This is the Official Ionix from Grav Labs, the Ionix comes in a black colour. The Ionix is a dabbing machine, you pack in your concentrates and you're good to go.

Long have Grav Labs been held as a forward thinking and innovative company, this latest addition to their arsenal does little to undermine that opinion. This fantastic new dabbing device from Grav Labs could very well be the next evolution in the company's collection.



Marley Glass and Walnut Wood Spoon Pipe

The Marley Naturals spoon pipe truly shows what this company does best. Taking a simple design, improving on it and making it their own. Keeping in line with the style of the rest of the collection the spoon pipe is made from high-quality glass and sustainably sourced American black walnut wood.


The Very Happy Kit

There’s no feeling worse than getting to your travel destination and realizing that you’ve forgotten something important. The Very Happy Kit is here to make sure that you never forget your favorite smoking equipment ever again. With everything safely strapped and secured in one shock and waterproof case, you can easily pick everything you need up as you’re walking out the door.

Very Happy Kit Features: Smell proof case, 4” High-quality glass spoon pipe, 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder,, One-hitter Pipe, Doob tube, King size rolling papers, 1 ¼” rolling papers, Rolling tips, Concentrates Container, Poker



Magical Butter Machine 2

When it comes to making medicated 'edibles', many people are put off because it is so hard to properly mix your herbs and your other ingredients together effectively and to work out how much to use so that you get the correct dosing. The Magical Butter Machine is one of the most revolutionary devices to hit the medicinal edibles market in a long time and it takes all the stress and hassle out of making your medicated ingredients.


Aerospaced 4-Piece Grinders / Sifters

These colorful 4 piece grinders from USA manufacturer Aerospaced are crafted from high-quality aluminum to give you consistently ground herbs every time! Inside each is a fine screen sifter to help you create pollens. There's a choice of 10 colors in 4 different sizes available in the drop-down menu.

Features: Magnetic Lid, Pouch, Scraper


GrizzlyOriginals Cleaning Solution

The perfect size bottle of Grizzly vaporizer and accessory cleaning solution, our special cleaner formula is easily applied via the convenient spray bottle.


RosinBomb Rocket

At the center of rosin production is the press, a machine responsible for producing controlled amounts of heat and pressure over short periods of time. Through DIY innovation and the harnessing of technologies borrowed from several other manufacturing industries, the rosin press has evolved extensively since its modest beginnings. Rosin production requires just three things - time, heat and pressure. The rosin produced is also far less time consuming to process, in some cases yielding a product that can be used in a matter of seconds. Even though it has been designed to be super compact and give superb quality extracts for a very reasonable price, the Rocket doesn't compromise on quantity. The RosinBomb Rocket Press is a very impressive herb press that we have been eagerly anticipating the release of since we first heard the whispers of possibility coming from Rosinbomb.


62% Boveda Humidipak - Humidity Control (60 Gram)

Looking after your herbs has just got a whole lot easier thanks to the 62% Boveda/Humidipak. This one of this taking care of things you know your herbs with always be in the best smoking condition possible. Using the Humidipak is as fool-proof as can be. Just take your selected herbs and an airtight container with enough space for the herbs and Humidipak and place both inside. With the jar sealed your herbs will be kept at the optimal humidity and will give your herbs a more consistent burn, a better color, and aroma! Not only that but you’ll see an improvement in color and aroma too! These Humidipaks are ideal for people who strive to have the very best buds.


Cannabis DNA Test

Endocannabinoid Science is in our DNA

Our scientific research and DNA testing identifies what’s in yours-
and how it may interact with Cannabis.

You are .1% Unique. While 99.9% of your DNA is identical to everyone else, it is that .1% that makes your experience with Cannabis Personal. Our team of world-renowned scientists have developed a DNA test that will analyze your genetics to learn how your DNA may influence your experience.



Over 50 cannabis inspired recipes designed to excite the taste buds and uplift your mood. This cookbook is a great addition to any cannabis patients kitchen. Order yours today!