Wet/Dry Satellite Trimmer

Wet/Dry Satellite Trimmer


The EZ Trimmer is hands down the world's best commercial wet & dry leaf trimmer. With it's combination of vortex, rotor and filtration technologies, The EZ Trimmer provides unsurpassed trim quality, speed and functionality. The EZ Trimmer is proudly made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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The EZ Trimmer is the only trimmer on the market that comes standard with a wet and dry trimming option. The speed, quality, and control provided by this machine make it the real connoisseur’s choice for trim machines.


  • 20-30lbs/hr for wet and dry trimming (wet trimming in wet weight)

  • Finish 2/3rd of a pound in 1-2 minutes (including loading/unloading)


  • Height and Speed of the Blade

  • Direction and Speed of the Fingers

  • Batch Times

  • Trim Filtration Options

  • Air Flow Control

  • Music/Noise


    • Input Voltage – 115 Volts

    • Current Draw – 10.9 Amps Max, 9.5 Amps Continuous

    • Hertz – 60

    Size / Weight

    • 24” Diameter Drum

    • Assembled Dimensions with kickstand – 29”x29”x48”

    • Only 85lbs