Bud Sorter

Bud Sorter


Our sorter lets you accurately, efficiently, and safely sort your buds into shake, popcorn, normal buds, and large buds. Without vibration or moving parts, your buds stay in pristine condition, making this the connoisseur’s choice for all your bud sorting endeavors.

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The Bud Sorter separates your buds into 4 different sizes (speeding up the packing process) isolates your big buds and filters out your larf and leaf. This allows for more consistent batch times and trim quality when trimming with the Satellite. Whether utilized pre-trim, post-trim, or before packaging, the Bud Sorter is an incredibly useful tool.


  • Sort over a pound in under a minute

  • 4 Different sorting sizes

  • Incredibly durable

  • Wheels on one end so the sorter can be lifted and moved from the other end

  • Easy to clean

  • Gentle