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1. Fill out online form to request Cannabis Prescription Access.

2. Receive welcome e-mail with instructions to book your appointment.

3. Speak with a medical professional at scheduled time via telemedicine appointment.

4. Speak with Shay's Roots educator who uses the latest technology to match the best strain for you.

5. Shay's roots will forward your medical paperwork to the licensed cannabis producer of your choice.



If you have: Chronic pain, nausea, fibromyalgia, arthritis, insomnia, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, migraines, epilepsy, dravet syndrome, nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, or neuropathic disorders, you may be eligible for prescription cannabis.




Cannabis Education: “The Basics” Class

The Shay's Roots Cannabis Education: 'The Basics' class will give you the much needed introductory information to become a responsible medical cannabis patient, or cannabis consumer.

All Classes will Take Place in downtown St. Albert at the Canadian Healing Institute.

Tickets will include admission to the Shay's Roots Social Event taking place after class.

Light Snacks and refreshments will be provided.



Can’t get to our office? We offer our great cannabis consultation services to your home for a small fee. Have an knowledgeable Shays Roots cannabis consultant step you though the prescription and licensed producer registration processes. Gain the needed education to carry forward as a responsible cannabis patient. Basic consultation starting as low as $40.00 (Only available within the greater Edmonton Area)

“Health in your Hands”


basic AT Home Consultation


To-your-home cannabis prescription access with assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Patient ‘interpening’ for strain matching you to choose the best licensed producer for you. Basic cannabis answers to give the proper knowledge required to be a responsible, educated patient.


Advanced AT Home Consultation


Basic Consultation PLUS our Shays Roots Oil Infusion course. Learn to create your own cannabis oil, and the processes involved to make edibles for easy dosing. Includes a $50 discount on a cannabis infusion equipment package and another $50 off DNA Genetic testing.


oil infusion Equipment Package


Everything you need to start infusing your cannabis at home safely. Create cannabis oils and butters with confidence.